Who are we?
We are an agency to provide solutions in various fields of technology from IoT and embedded systems to telecommunication infrastructure and cloud platforms. We are enthusiastic to consult and co-develop systems and products to satisfy needs of customers and go beyond.
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Secure & Private Hosting
We provide secure and private server installation to host your files. We use Open-source Nextcloud software for our service to provide full privacy to our customers. Click for more.
Smart wifi applications
We provide smart network applications for your business, events and guests on landing pages. Click for more.
IoT System Development
We develop IoT systems from embedded devices to cloud servers.
Automation Development
Let us know what you need and we develop custom automation solution for you.

Featured Projects

Galaxies that we travel through...
Get noticed! And make it artful!
Split Flap Display
This is brand new project of Lonarkrat team. We are on development of Split Flap displays which are once widely used in public transport timetable in airports or railway stations. We are making new tehcnological version of these cool stuffs to bring retro spirit to atmostphere of facility.
May 2017
Jul 2016
WiFi Based Order Automation for Restaurants
Menu WiFi
Menu WiFi is unique project of ours; to provide innovative concept to restuarants for order procedure. Restaurant customers connect to WiFi AP and they are automatically forwarded to menu page of restaurant where they can browse through meal options and pictures. Futhermore customers can submit their orders, request waiters or ask for billing within this automation. Internet usage will be opened to customers once they submit valid order.
Web Site
Home Automation for deaf people
Duyum is smart home solution for people who have difficulty on hearing. Project insipiration came with the problem of deaf parents who are unable to hear their baby cry at night. As we make deeper investiagation on this issue; we have realised that deaf people likely to have marriage with each other and this cause unieque strungles to cope with in home environment. They are unable to hear varios of sounds like; door bells, clock alarms and so on. Our efforts took place to develop sensor nodes to detect various kind of sounds in home environment and alert deaf people with smart watch with vibration so that they can even be notified during their sleep.
AUG 2016
JUN 2017
Dynamic digital display for WiFi password
Pass-Fi is cool digital display to show WiFi password of facility. Password changes periodicly so that only guests in environment will be aware of password. This useful device will make WiFi deployment more secure and increase performance as only real guests will be using WiFi service.
A Media server for travelers
WiFi Media Center
WiFi Media Center is media server that can easily be connected though WiFi connection for bus, train or ferry travelers. They can watch movies, listen musics and play games on their own mobile devices with WiFi connection.

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